Enrise GitLab

Enrise is running the Community Edition of GitLab.

Creating an account

Create an account with your @enrise.com email address. Don't have an @enrise.com email address? Contact domain IT.

Are you an Enrise employee? Contact a GitLab admin after you've created your account to get full access to our projects.

External users

By default, external users and interns will not have access to any projects. Explicit access to projects can be provided by your team members.

Contacting a GitLab admin

There should be a person in your team who's a GitLab admin. Is he/she not available? Mention @gitlab-admins in the #gitlab channel on the Enrise Slack. Still nobody available? Please create a ticket for domain IT.

Welcome to our Enrise GitLab instance!

Enrise GitLab
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